Daily Brief (Jan. 13, 2020)

The hardest part about the Winter months are the mornings.  It’s overcast and cold.  Leaving the warmth and comfort of the bed is rarely easy for me.  It helps to have a plan for the day, but even then, blankets are thick and the pillow is fluffy.  Sometimes I think I was designed to hibernate.  Can you imagine what the world would be like if humans hibernated!?

Misty Morning LakesideWith that little quandary put aside, let me talk about Friday.  Overall, it went well.  I got bogged down in tech stuff the first part of the day but was able to end it on a high note by completing a painting.

This painting is based on the pen and ink drawing a I created back in October.  There is a video of that drawing (here) that you can watch.  I like the use of dry areas in this wet-in-wet painting to create areas of interest with negative space.  I also like the soft, fluid, affect of the trees.  There is always room for improvement, but I really like this one and I feel there are some interesting techniques to work with.

Sarah and I had a very relaxed weekend.  As a result, we didn’t get to our cooking for this week.  I’m starting the day on that and then I’ll move either to office work or to the studio.  I’ll be making soup, so I’ll have that smell wafting through the house today.  Which will be nice, but I suspect it will make it difficult to concentrate because soup and roaring fire is really what I want to do today.

A comfortable place by the fire and full belly is what days like this call for.  But first, to work!

Big 3

  • Cooking
  • Office Work
  • Studio Work

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