Daily Brief (Jan. 21, 2020)


Last Thursday was a good day of decluttering.  I’m slowly going through old papers and stuff that surrounds me every time I’m in the office.  I didn’t realize just how much it was weighing me down.  It already feels better walking into the office!

Sarah dragged me out to the mountains, this last weekend, for some time in the snow.  We enjoyed our first snowshoeing trek of the year.  It was very pretty and relatively warm.  I definitely felt out of shape in spite of the walking we’ve been doing.  Snowshoeing seams to use the leg muscles in different ways.  Definitely feeling it!


This morning is being spent running around, getting stuff done after a long weekend.  Sometimes I wonder how we get anything done with all the niggly little tasks that creep into our daily lives!

I’m planning on spending time in the office, decluttering again.  But, before that, I’ll spend some time painting.  I’d hate to forget how! 😆

In all honesty, I find that it’s important to get into the studio regularly.  Part of it has to do with routine and the other part has to do with maintaining “currency” in the craft.

When I was learning to fly, I was introduced to the concept of currency.  It’s not enough to learn a skill.  You must also remain current in that skill.  It’s definitely a case of use it or lose it.

Big 3

  • Run around and do things.
  • Studio time (garden path)
  • Office (decluttering)

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