Daily Brief (Jan. 24, 2020)


Sorry to not have created a post/video yesterday; I just wasn’t feeling up to it, I’m afraid.  I was feeling a bit under the weather, took forever to get started and decided I was better off just working.

I didn’t get a lot done, but I was able to get a bit further on my decluttering and organization in the office.  It’s quite the exercise, going through everything and trying to honestly say whether I need to hang on to item X or if it’s just habit.


I’m getting a later start today and I have some pre-weekend chores I want to get done so there is less for Sarah and I to worry about on her days off.  I try to get some stuff out of the way on Fridays, when I have the time, so that our weekends are bit more relaxed.  That is one of the things I learned from my father; there is no such thing as “Women’s Work.”  I can remember my father coming home from work and helping with whatever needed doing.  It could be changing the oil in a car or cooking.  If there was something that needed doing, and he was free, he did it.  And, he never made a production about it, “Everyone, look at this thing I have done.  Give me praise!” was never uttered by him!

That reminds me of about a bit of advice my mother gave me regarding relationships.  “A marriage is rarely a 50/50 split of responsibilities.  Sometimes you give 60%. Other times, it’s 40%.  You’ll even give 0% at times; when you’re leaning on the other person completely while your world is falling down around you.  Other times; you carry it all, and then some.  You’ll be giving a 110% and life will see you’re still standing . . . and throw even more at you.  The one thing you can always give the other person is your love and respect.  That is something you should always give 100%!”

Big 3

  • Laundry/kitchen
  • Office
  • Studio

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