Shop Day! Daily Brief (Jan. 30, 2020)


Thoughts:  Today is going to be a shop day.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I want to make the most of it!  Also, I want to make an attempt at finishing a couple of the jigs so that I can begin making frames.  I’ll then try to get some more work done on the Garden Path painting, if I have anymore time/energy at the end of the day.

Yesterday went pretty well.  I need to get more sleep, I feel like it is taking forever to get started in the mornings, right now.  The gray overcast and short days have not been helping!



  • What Happened?
    • Worked on the journal improvements.
    • Worked on Taxes.
  • What Went Right?
    • Made significant changes that I believe will work to improve task completion.
  • Lessons Learned:
    • Still more to be done.  I think it feels a bit cumbersome, which causes me some worry.  It is better than before.


  • What Happened?
    • I spent some time looking over garden photos to make sure I was happy with my design.
  • Lessons Learned: 
    • I’m going to move forward with the design elements.


  • What Happened?
    • Repaired damage to miter sled.
  • Lessons Learned: 
    • The repair was “good enough” since it is a shop project and a first try at that.  I am slowly learning to deal with good enough.  Not everything is a master work and that’s ok.  I’m making a tool not an heirloom!


Areas of Action


  • Minimal.  Journal and Video only.


  • Minimal.  Garden Path painting if time and energy permits.


  • Maximum effort!
  • Finish repair to Miter sled.
  • Miter doweling jig.

The Path Forward

This area does not change on a daily bases.  Rather, it serves as reference to help guide daily actions and provide a unit of measure to track progress.



  1. Feel more organized.
  2. Be more proactive with regards to maintenance (physical and mental)


  1. Maintain a balanced schedule.
  2. Start producing Picture Frames.

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