Daily Brief (Jan. 8, 2020)

Sun'n Gruman Study On the painting front, yesterday was fairly productive.  I completed the painting from the day before and am pretty happy with the results.  There is always room for improvement, of course.  I will spend a bit more time on reflected light and shadows on the aircraft.  To really pop, will require crisper shapes and deeper colors.  This painting was intended as a study and was a good place to start!

I got a little bit of time in on the business side, but not as much as I should have.  I didn’t want to leave the art studio once I got in there! 🙂

Today, I’m starting in the office and don’t plan on getting any painting done.  I think that one of the keys to productivity is knowing yourself and understanding your triggers for positive and negative habits.  Once I get into something, I tend not to stop.  The trick is getting started.

I have an event at the airport tonight, so I’m going to have a shorter workday.  My schedule for today is going to be reduced.

Big 3

  • Business Planning
  • Exercise
  • Pilot Meeting

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