Daily Brief (Jan. 29, 2020)


Thoughts:  Overall the day went well.  After a morning spent recovering from a sleepless night, I got a respectable amount of stuff done.  Most of the time was spent rethinking this journal and how to best use it as a tool for improving myself.  I also got a little bit done in the shop as well as the studio.  There is more to be done, but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

I would love to hear from you, if you have any comments or suggestions.  You can comment at the bottom of this page.  Thanks!



  • What Happened? Spent time working on how I wanted to approach this journal as it relates to goals.
  • What Went Right? Journal is a lot better and will work better with breaking up goals into achievable parts.
  • What Went Wrong? Journal design was not fully fleshed out.
  • Why? I didn’t consider how to apply it to my goals.
  • Lessons Learned: I need to approach the journal as a road map as well as a daily accounting of my thoughts and progress.  This isn’t just an accounting, it’s a tool for improvement.


  • What Happened? I spent a little time in the studio, working on the Garden Path painting (that never ends).
  • What Went Right? I’m happy with how the painting is developing.
  • What Went Wrong? I could have made better use of the time.
  • Why? I’m not sure about the original design and whether or not to move forward with the implementation.
  • Lessons Learned: Having a clear design in mind for a master work will probably help with the final appearance and mood of the piece.  I’ve spent a little time thinking about the design and I believe I am, in deed, heading the correct direction.


  • What Happened? I also spent some time in the shop, fixing a jig.
  • What Went Right? I managed to get the miter sled fence pulled off and cleaned the surface where it was glued on.
  • What Went Wrong? I was a bit too impatient when trying to remove the miter fence, which, caused damage to the jig.
  • Why? Probably feeling the pressure to get things moving.
  • Lessons Learned:  When I start to feel the surge to push through, it probably makes sense to take a moment.  In the end it’s not a big deal for this case, but that isn’t always so.  Every day is filled with opportunities to practice being a better person.


Areas of Action


  • Work on the journal.
  • Video and Journal entry.


  • Study some garden photos to see whether my design fits with what I imagine a garden path to look and feel like.  How’s that for artsy!? 🙂


  • Repair damage to miter sled.

The Path Forward

This area does not change on a daily bases.  Rather, it serves as reference to help guide daily actions and provide a unit of measure to track progress.




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