Starting in the Shop – Daily Brief (Feb. 07, 2020)



Yesterday was a good day in the studio.  I was able to overcome my apprehensions about adding a new element to the garden path painting.  I think I’ll be able to overcome the issues I am seeing as the design evolves.

Today is starting in the shop and I am hopeful that I have a good plan of attack for the jig I am going to make to make the jig for the frames…



  • What Happened? Experimented with green screen in video.
  • What Went Right? It was a lot easier with an actual green screen than previous attempts.
  • What Went Wrong? Too many wrinkles in the green screen.
  • Why? Didn’t take the time to iron them out.
  • Lessons Learned: I need to iron the cloth in order to get a better affect and improve editing.


  • What Happened? Started on final element of the garden path painting.
  • What Went Right? I started
  • What Went Wrong? The affect is a bit muddier than I would like.
  • Why? I didn’t think to mask the area when I started the painting.
  • Lessons Learned: Plan out the more involved paintings when I am able to do so.


Areas of Action


  • Journal/Video


  • Garden painting


  • Remake part for jig.

The Path Forward

This area does not change on a daily bases.  Rather, it serves as reference to help guide daily actions and provide a unit of measure to track progress.



  1. Feel more organized.
  2. Be more proactive with regards to maintenance (physical and mental)


  1. Maintain a balanced schedule
  2. Start producing Picture Frames.

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